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Downtown living is on the rise, drawing in Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z’ers looking to dwell amid unique dining, world-class museums, sports and entertainment events, nightlife, and public art. From 2015 to 2020, Downtown has seen a 66% increase in multifamily residential units. Nearly 650 new apartments have opened since the start of 2019 including Lofts at Jefferson Station, Downtown’s first transit-oriented housing development in LaVilla. Downtown’s 3,851 residential units boast a 94% average occupancy rate.

More than 6,100 residents now live in 25 multifamily properties, up 18% from last year. Downtown can expect approximately 1,040 additional residents once the 652 units under construction come online, bringing Downtown nearly three-quarters of the way towards its goal of 10,000 residents. Investors are taking note of Downtown’s quick growth with many projects incorporating amenities and retail into mixed-use projects. In turn, these new amenities will drive demand, attracting and retaining even more residents.

According to Smart Asset – which used Census Bureau data from 2016 to determine the most popular U.S. states and cities that millennials are moving to – Jacksonville is ranked the fifth most popular city. Residents cite atmosphere, vibe and entertainment and events as the best things about living Downtown.

2019-2020 Statistics

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94% Occupancy Rate

646 New Units

652 Units Under Construction

4,000+ Units Proposed

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Average price: $316,400
Average price per SF: $214
Range: $98 – $329 per SF

Average rent/mo: $1,583
Range: $695 – $3,890

Residential Projects Under Construction

  • 225 Laura St. Apartments, 225 Laura St.
  • Ashley Square Senior Housing, 127 E. Ashley St.
  • Elena Flats, 122 E. Duval St.
  • Shipping Container Apartments, 412 Ashley St.
  • Southbank Apartments by Ventures, 841 Prudential Dr.
  • Vista Brooklyn, 200 Riverside Ave.

Residential Projects Proposed

  • Baptist Convetion Building
  • Doro District, 128 A.P. Randolph Blvd.
  • First Baptist Block Development by EJPC/Homkor of Florida,
    Beaver, Julia, Ashley & Hogan
  • Ford on Bay
  • Independent Life Insurance Building, 233 W. Duval St.
  • Jones Brothers Furniture Building, Hogan St. and Ashley St.
  • JTA Southbank Residential, Montana Ave.
  • LaVilla Townhomes, Adams, Johnson, Lee & Forsyth
  • Le Mesa Building, 905 W. Forsyth St.
  • Lofts at the Cathedral, 325 E. Duval St.
  • The District, Southbank
  • The Shipyards, Bay St.