About Downtown Investment Authority

Jacksonville’s heart is in its Downtown urban center

The DIA is the Community Redevelopment Agency and the Downtown economic development arm of the City of Jacksonville. Guided by a nine-member Board of Directors, the DIA leads the way in efforts to reinvigorate Downtown as a place to live, work and visit. 

DIA Mission
To drive growth in business and investment, create a dynamic urban living environment and enhance the quality of life in Downtown Jacksonville through the transparent and responsible leveraging of public investments, assets, infrastructure and policy. 

DIA Vision
Downtown Jacksonville is a dynamic, resilient, people friendly urban center that capitalizes on the importance of the river and is the premier center for business, sports and entertainment, culture and urban living in the heart of the Southeastern U.S.

DIA Board of Directors and Staff

The DIA’s investments and policies are steered by the DIA Board of Directors, whose members conduct open-to-the-public business on an unpaid, volunteer basis. The Board consists of leaders in their respective fields, including real estate and finance professionals, along with Downtown business owners. The DIA’s staff brings decades of combined experience in real estate development, redevelopment and urban planning as well as local and state government. This experience is a value-added proposition for the Downtown market and community, as DIA’s leadership and staff are uniquely qualified to guide a project from inception through realization.

DIA’s Guiding Redevelopment Goals

  1. Increase commercial office utilization, occupancy and job growth to reinforce Downtown Jacksonville as the region’s epicenter for business.
  2. Increase rental and owner-occupied housing Downtown, targeting diverse populations identified as seeking a more urban lifestyle.
  3. Increase and diversify the number and type of retail, food and beverage, and entertainment establishments within Downtown.
  4. Increase the vibrancy of Downtown for residents and visitors through arts, culture, history, sports, theater, events, parks and attractions.
  5. Elevate the safety, accessibility and wellness of Downtown Jacksonville, and improve the cleanliness and maintenance of public spaces for residents, workers and visitors.
  6. Improve the walkability/bike-ability of Downtown and pedestrian and bicycle connectivity between Downtown and adjacent neighborhoods and the St. Johns River.
  7. Capitalize on the aesthetic beauty of the St. John’s River, value its health and respect its natural force, and maximize interactive and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to create waterfront experiences unique to Downtown Jacksonville.
  8. Simplify and increase the efficiency of the approval process for Downtown development and improve departmental and agency coordination.