Johnson Commons


The project is designed on 3.4 acres at Adams, Johnson, Lee and Forsyth streets in the historic Downtown neighborhood.

Johnson Commons, LLC has committed to the construction of a for-sale townhome residential community consisting of a minimum of 91 townhomes in Phase 1. All units will be offered as individual for sale product, adding to the diversity of residential options in the community. The Townhome units proposed by Johnson Commons will be three story (approximately 1400 square feet average) each with a one car garage. All 91 townhome units will be developed in single phase.

In deference to the historic architecture and heritage of La Villa, the townhomes will be frame construction, approximate 18’ widths with gable roofs and patios to emulate the feel of a second story porch. Peaked or gable roofs will differentiate units in a nod to shotgun style on all Townhome product. Units adjacent to new street will face park.

Phase 2 of the development, fronting Lee and Forsyth Street will consist of a minimum of 10,000 square feet of stand -alone retail or a mixed-use product of multi-family residential and retail that includes a minimum of 10,000 square feet of retail on first floor. Vertical construction on Phase 2 will be commenced within 7 years of closing or property will revert. In the interim, this portion of the site will be developed as green space accessible to the adjacent Emerald Trail and maintained by the Developer. Future retail and or mixed use will face trail.

The Developer to has offered to make cash contribution to be used toward development of Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing park in the amount of $150,000, payable at closing.